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2021 JINGART Partner – HUBLOT

On 10 June 2021, the renowned Swiss watch brand HUBLOT once again presents the “Hublot Loves Art” exhibition at JINGART Art Beijing. After the inaugural JINGART Art Beijing in 2018, where the concept of “the art of fusion” was fully expressed, Hublot and JINGART continue to work together to present the masterpieces and watches of Hublot’s collaborating artists from June 10th to June 13th. HUBLOT will also present the winning entries of the “Swiss-China 3D Design Competition” initiated by the Swiss Embassy in Beijing, a close partner of the Swiss Embassy in Beijing, and a proud witness to the 70 years of friendship between the two countries. The “Hublot Loves Art” exhibition once again lights up the art event
Founded in 2018 by the team of ART021 Shanghai 21 Contemporary Art Fair, JINGART Art Beijing has become a force to be reckoned with in the art collection scene in Beijing and across the country. This year’s JINGART Art Beijing will still be held at the Beijing Exhibition Center, bringing together thousands of artworks with a focus on contemporary art and design. Hublot, which has always been committed to the concept of “art of integration”, is once again joining forces with JINGART in its support of contemporary art.
For more information, follow Hublot’s official Weibo page @HublotHublotLoveArt This past May, Hublot welcomed a friend of the brand, art collector Ms. Ying Qinglan, founder of ART021 Shanghai and JINGART Beijing. This is yet another passionate encounter between fine watchmaking and contemporary art, demonstrating the endless possibilities of Hublot to integrate the essence of contemporary art into its watchmaking philosophy, continuing to convey the brand’s respect and homage to artistic creation.
The founder of JINGART, art collector and friend of the Hublot brand, Ms Ying Qinglan, honoured the 70 years of friendship between China and Switzerland and joined forces with the Swiss Embassy in China to promote cultural and artistic exchanges between the two countries Hublot and the Swiss Embassy in China maintain a close partnership, witnessing the 71 years of deep friendship between the two countries. They share a common value in the field of art: the appreciation and encouragement of excellence and innovation. As an outstanding representative of the Swiss Fine Watchmaking sector, Hublot has always been committed to the concept of “the art of integration”, collaborating on several occasions with artists from different cultural backgrounds and supporting the creation of young artists.
The “Hublot Loves Art” exhibition by Ms Tehani Pestalozzi,replica hublot watches Cultural Counsellor at the Swiss Embassy in Beijing, presents a selection of winning entries from the “Swiss-Chinese 3D Design Competition”. The competition, launched by the Swiss Embassy in Beijing to celebrate the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries, combines art and technology, while breaking away from national and regional boundaries. Six young designers were selected by the Swiss University of Art and Design Lausanne (ECAL) and the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University to participate in the competition: the theme was the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations, and the designs were selected to reflect the long-lasting friendship between the two countries and were finally presented as 3D prints.
HUBLOT is once again presenting the “Hublot Loves Art” exhibition at the JINGART Beijing fair. The work “Rising” by young designer Yao Zhihao, winner of the competition, is a clever use of 3D printing technology, with its rich symbols and connections (the Matterhorn, the five-pointed star, the seven interlocking triangles). The work is elegant and simple in its overall form, with its rich symbols and connections (the Matterhorn, the five-pointed star, the seven interlocking triangles), and the three-dimensionality of the two distinctive shapes constructed through different viewing angles.
The work of young designer Yao Zhihao, Climbing, and Noelani Rutz, Bowl of Perfection, are presented with a sense of strength and solemn beauty. The circle is commonly seen as a symbol of harmony and unity, representing the coming together of two nations, and with this work the artist wishes to celebrate the far-reaching friendship between the two countries that has lasted for over 70 years. Its seven sides, representing over 70 years of diplomacy between the two countries, and the overall shape symbolise the importance and far-reaching impact of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The spray-dye technique ensures a smooth transition of colour, giving the piece a visually lighter feel.
Noelani Rutz “The Bowl of Perfection” A dialogue between art and time, a fusion of fine watchmaking and contemporary art The “Hublot Loves Art” exhibition, presented by Hublot and JINGART, once again presents art lovers with works of art by Hublot collaborating artists from different backgrounds and genres. At the same time, Hublot’s watch creations inspired by art will also be on display, with an eclectic mix of watch creations and artworks, illustrating the brand’s philosophy of “the art of fusion”.
The Swiss tattoo artist Maxime Plescia-Buchi will present his manuscripts at the “Hublot Loves Art” exhibition. Maxime Plescia-Buchi, the founder of the tattoo studio, will present his manuscript,replica watches a tattoo artist who has delved into the mysteries of geometry and created a unique style of art that has resulted in a number of stunning works.
Maxime Plesia Bucci’s manuscript
HUBLOT BIG BANG SANG BLEU tattoo watch “Lisa and the Banksters at the Louis Vuitton Foundation” was created by artist Marc Ferrero on site at the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris in just 25 minutes.
The artist, Marc Ferrero, has shown an amazing ability to create characters and stories, to handle compositional design and to blend a variety of painting styles in his work, which is the hallmark of narrative artistry. Lisa is the heroine of his story, a wise and confident snake charmer who is brought to life by the brush, while the banker is the villain who defends the interests of a new world ruled by machines.
Lisa and the Banksters at the Louis Vuitton Foundation” by Marc Ferrero
HUBLOT BIG BANG One Touch Marc Ferrero Ceramic Black and White, while French contemporary art sculptor Richard Orlinski presents the sculpture Panther, an interpretation of the artist’s concept “Born Wild”, captured in film and the wild world. “.
The diamond-like facets, distinctive lines and sharp angles of French contemporary art sculptor Richard Orlinski’s sculptures highlight one of the main characteristics of Richard Orlinski’s work – a high degree of reverence for the original animal’s bestial nature, a vivid portrayal of the animal world’s The wildness and ferocity of the animal world.

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Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Blue 641.NX.7170.LR 42mm

Fifteen years after the introduction of the Big Bang, Hublot introduced the Big Bang Integral, adding a one-piece bracelet model to the line. The Integral debuted in the following three varieties: titanium, as described in this article; and gold king; and all-black ceramic. Although up to now, the Big Bang has not been attached exclusively to a strap (see this bracelet model from a few years ago), we live in an age of proliferation of integrated bracelets. In fact, I’m surprised that it took Hublot this long to reach a “reverse offshore” agreement with Big Bang. Fortunately, Hublot has not only added an integrated bracelet to the 42mm Big Bang case (arguably the most wearable case, by the way), but has also refreshed and redesigned the case.
The result is a good-looking, reasonably sized watch from a collection that has long attracted a large number of luxury sports watch buyers.

The interior of the UNICO movement is higher praised than many. I encourage you to read our David Bredan’s review of the 42mm Big Bang strap version for more background information and insight. To make a long story short, this is certainly a technically impressive movement, and many of my peers are ashamed of it. Brief stats on the HUB1280 UNICO column-wheel chronograph movement include a three-day power reserve, a modular escapement, a redesigned oscillating double clutch, and a flyback function.
In my opinion, Hublot has made a few changes to the 42mm Big Bang case and dial, which is a significant improvement overall. One change to the dial displays Arabic numerals as numbers with a simple index, which I absolutely love. In this case, the pushers have been changed back to the original style from the original 2005 model. In fact, Hublot notes that these rectangular pushers served as the inspiration for the bracelet’s design by chamfering, tilting, and alternating polished and satin finishes.

The sandwich-style case is water-resistant to 100M, but with slight modifications, replacing the resin composite with a complete titanium (or King Gold or ceramic) construction. Black composite resin is used for the bezel portion, and rubber is used around the crown. This modification to the case makes the design somewhat sober, while the sparse use of black resin composite and rubber accentuates the aesthetic qualities without being excessive.